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AutoRun Wizard Version History

We update AutoRun Wizard often, please check back here for product updates and enhancements. Registered users will receive an email notifying them that the software has been updated. If you are a registered user you receive FREE updates and upgrades for the life of the product.



Added ability to launch Windows Explorer into a directory on the cd-rom.
Added ability to specify files to launch for only 32-bit or 64-bit systems, or both. Perfect for installers.
Corrected an issue with the Splash Screen ending animation Wait delay before the Ending Animation.
Optimized directory handling functions.
Updated internal application icons.
Corrected minor issues with screen interaction.



Added a transparency option to the animation splash screens.
Added the ability to reverse the Splash Screen animation.
Added more product help throughout.
Changed the Test button to hide the AutoRun Wizard Configuration editor.
Majorly optimized the Splash Screen animation code to allow for the display and animation of much larger files.
Enhanced the animation to perform well on slower machines and larger file sizes.
Added 20+ new animations such as: Rotational star in center, Spiral rectangle, Circular shred, Reveal V from left/right/top/bottom, Bow Tie Horizontal/Vertical, Diagonal Cross In/Out, Zigzag Horizontal/Vertical, Diamond shred, Reveal diamond out/in from center, Diagonal Box Out, Pixelate, Dissolve, Random Bars Horizontal/Vertical and Channel Mix.



Fixed a defect with KIOSK mode and IE7 not working properly.
Fixed a defect with an access violation when playing an MP3 file and choosing the option to Play Sound until the autorun in complete.
Added feature to the EULA to require you to scroll to the end before the buttons become enabled.
Changed Editor so that it hides itself when Previewing the EULA message.



Added a loop option for looping the sound during the autorun
Added the ability to play MP3 formatted sound files (without using an external dll file)
Added the option to have a Splash Screen on startup and closing of your autorun. You can configure these as two separate files and settings.
Added the ability to display a EULA (End User License Agreement) prior to starting your autorun
Added Disable buttons, disable moving and stay on top to the EULA agreement
Added tooltips to several buttons to that we can be used by visually impaired tools
Added the version number to the main screen toolbar
Added a Publisher license type for all cd and dvd publishers
Corrected the hint color to use the Windows default



Added the ability to have a transparent splash screen
Added option to force load the autorun file within Internet Explorer
Added option for running Interenet Explorer is KIOSK mode (full screen, no menu, tool bars, etc.)
Added popup help hints to all controls within the main user interface
Increased the maximum delay between file autoruns
Updated the installer to work on Windows 2003



Added the option to autorun up to 5 different files
Added the option to force an autorun file to be opened within the default Internet Browser.
Added the option to not close until the file that was autoran is closed
Added the option to delay x seconds before completing the autorun
Added validation on save of the AutoRun Wizard project file
Added the option to play the sound file for the duration of the autorun
Added the option to play the sound file until the sound file is complete
Updated the splash screen to be on top of all other windows
Updated the splash screen logic to handle when the splash screen is larger than the resolution on client computers
Updated the options dialog so that you could not maximize it
Updated to use an IE-like hand cursor
Added a Product Feature request link
Corrected an issue with the command line and the current directory
Corrected the autorun icon loading in certain situations
Corrected an error when editing an existing AutoRun Wizard project file when the Base Folder did nto exist
Corrected minor spelling errors within help and descriptive text
Change autorun.dat wording to the AutoRun Wizard project file



Added the option to animate the Splash Screen, added over 150 different animations
Added the option to set the background color of the Splash Screen
Added the option to fill the entire screen when showing the Splash Screen
Added the option to control the speed of the animation for the Splash Screen
Updated the Play a Sound File option to not cut off the sound until the entire sound has played
Removed the mouse cusor when the Splash Screen is displayed
Increased the option for the Splash Screen timer to 60 seconds
Corrected the delay between playing the sound and displaying the splash screen
Updated error messages when saving the autorun files



Added an Options dialog to set specifics options about AutoRun Wizard
Added the option to load the previous AutoRun configuration file on startup
Added an option to warn when loading the previous AutoRun configuration file
Added the ability to set the default Open folder for when you choose File - Open or click on the Open button
Added a feature that supports passing a command line option for the File to Autorun (ie. loading a PowerPoint presentation within the PowerPoint Viewer)
Corrected a defect if you choose to use an icon from the .exe and then clicked select without hightlighting an icon
Added Help icons for every option to help users understand Autorun Wizard
Added text about what to do next after running a successful test.
Added command line option to pass the autorun.dat file you are working on
Corrected several defects that would allow you to save an invalid configuration file causing the autorun not to work.
Added references to new product website



Added a new main menu and image toolbar.
Added keyboard shortcuts for every item.
Added a DEBUG option to help our Support Team analyze problems in the field.
Added more options for ordering to make it easier for users to find.
Added help and FAQ to the about box.
Updated the Base Folder option to support network drives.
Updated the error handling on all file operations to be more meaningful and user friendly.
Updated to disable the Save button if a validation error occurs.



Initial release

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